Live Streaming UERO Qualifications 2020

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UERO 2020

UERO Qualifications 2020

Premier League Serie A Italy Liga spain Champion League Bola Sepak Malaysia Shopee Liga 1 Indonesia
Euro 2020 ⚽
15/11/2019Turki vs Islandia▶Highlihgt0-0
15/11/2019Inggris vs Montenegro▶Highlihgt1-5
15/11/2019Serbia vs Luksemburg▶Highlihgt3-2
15/11/2019Perancis vs Moldova▶Highlihgt2-1
15/11/2019Portugal vs Lituania▶Highlihgt6-0
15/11/2019Ceko vs Kosovo▶Highlihgt2-1
15/11/2019Albania vs Andorra▶Highlihgt2-2
16/11/2019Norwegia vs K Faroe▶Highlihgt4-0
16/11/2019Armenia vs Yunani▶Highlihgt0-1
16/11/2019Finlandia vs Liechtenstein▶Highlihgt3-0
16/11/2019Bosnia vs Italia▶Highlihgt0-3
16/11/2019Denmark vs Gibraltar▶Highlihgt1-0
16/11/2019Rumania vs SwediaFinish0-2
16/11/2019Swiss vs Georgia▶Highlihgt1-0
16/11/2019Spanyol vs Malta▶Highlihgt7-0
16/11/2019Siprus vs SkotlandiaFinish1-2
17/11/2019Rusia vs BelgiaFinish1-4
17/11/2019Azerbaijan vs WalesFinish0-2
17/11/2019San Marino vs KazakhstanFinish1-3
17/11/2019Slovenia vs LatviaFinish1-0
17/11/2019Kroasia vs SlowakiaFinish3-1
17/11/2019Irlandia Utara vs BelandaFinish0-0
17/11/2019Jerman vs BelarusFinish4-0
17/11/2019Israel vs PolandiaFinish1-2
17/11/2019Austria vs MakedoniaFinish2-1
17/11/2019Luksemburg vs PortugalFinish0-2
17/11/2019Serbia vs UkrainaFinish2-2
18/11/2019Bulgaria vs CekoFinish1-0
18/11/2019Kosovo vs InggrisFinish0-4
18/11/2019Moldova vs IslandiaFinish1-2
18/11/2019Albania vs PerancisFinish0-2
18/11/2019Andorra vs TurkiFinish0-2
19/11/2019Liechtenstein vs BosniaFinish0-3
19/11/2019Spanyol vs RumaniaFinish5-0
19/11/2019Swedia vs K FaroeFinish3-0
19/11/2019Yunani vs FinlandiaFinish2-1
19/11/2019Malta vs NorwegiaFinish1-2
19/11/2019Irlandia vs DenmarkFinish1-1
19/11/2019Italia vs ArmeniaFinish9-1
19/11/2019Gibraltar vs SwissFinish1-6
20/11/2019Latvia vs AustriaFinish1-0
20/11/2019Jerman vs Irlandia UtaraFinish6-1
20/11/2019Wales vs HongariaFinish2-0
20/11/2019Makedonia vs IsraelFinish1-0
20/11/2019Belgia vs SiprusFinish6-1
20/11/2019Polandia vs SloveniaFinish3-2
20/11/2019San Marino vs RusiaFinish0-5
20/11/2019Skotlandia vs KazakhstanFinish3-1
20/11/2019Slowakia vs AzerbaijanFinish2-0
20/11/2019Belanda vs EstoniaFinish5-0

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